We are a small family run business specialising in custom design metal flowers. Our background was predominantly raising money for the Royal British Legion, but due to high and popular demand we have had to expand our range into other designs.

We are as always committed to raising money for any military based charities and as such, any purchase from us that is a poppy, or poppy based or themed, 10% of the sale value will always go to one or more of the chosen military charities of our choice.

St Saviour Church Stoneclough Ringley in Kearsley
St Saviour Church Stoneclough Kearsley
Former soldier David De Souza has created four 8 foot poppies that have been installed on the church grounds at St Saviour church, Fold Road, Ringley for the
Pictured by Richard Holton.Copyright,Bolton News (Newsquest) 19th October 2015
Reporter: Mike